Medicare Part A (2010)

Part A is Hospital Insurance and covers cost associated with confinement in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

When you are hospitalized for: Medicare Covers You Pay
1-60 Days Most confinement costs after the required Medicare Deductible $1,100 Part A Deductible
61-90 Days All eligible expenses, after the patient pays a per-day copayment. $275/Day
91-150 Days All eligible expenses, after patient pays per-day copayment.

(These Are Liftetime Reserve Days Which may never be used again.)

151 days or more Nothing You Pay All Cost
Skilled Nursing
When you are hospitalized for at least 3 days and enter a Medicare Approved skilled nursing facility within 30 days after a hospital discharge and are receiving skilled nursing care.
All eligible expenses for the first 20 days; then all eligible expenses, (if you qualify), for days 21-100, after patient pays a per day copayment. After 20 days


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